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Hello my name is Daniel Stroud, I was born March 15th 1984

I was evicted from my apartment in Buffalo New York after several problems with the landlord committing criminal Acts against me by refusing to repair items and refusing to enforce rules in the renters agreement for all neighbors, he also was made aware of my internet activity which he didn't agree with because of his Conservative Christian views, he also violated New York state law and tricked me into leaving illegally, he told me that he could shut off the power and heat in all kinds of other stuff that was not true, I pretty much left of my own free Accord because I didn't want to deal with him anymore, I oversimplified what was going on on some of the videos that I recorded talking about it just simply because it didn't really matter nobody watching the videos actually cared about why I was being evicted, but the internet activity that was sent to my landlord by someone.

I believed that it was somebody connected a particular discord that I was a part of but since leaving Buffalo other information has been found by me suggesting that it was just someone passing through who didn't like something I had said but they weren't a established member of the community that I was a member of it was just some random jackass.

I am no longer a member of any of those communities just simply because I was unwanted from the get-go. 

Why stay someplace where you're unwanted?

I will not be returning.

I will not be producing any more content related to that subject.

I will not be sharing any more of my personal life because no one really gets a shit..

Maybe someday I will find somebody or something that will actually want to have me in their life... so that's all I'm going to say.. cringevids.... out... don't steal your outro from Ryan seacrest and then get pissed off in other people do it...